2013-08-31 Reahearsing a new show
2013-08-31 Joined Twitter
2013-08-30 Confirmed for a liveshow in Tokyo
2013-07-13 Confirmed for a liveshow in Stockholm
2013-06-22 Marsupials had an awesome gig with Jinmo in Tokyo
2012-07-10 We have changed our names. We are now: Diablo, Marsupials and Industria
2011-12-21 Next video will be shoot in january.
2011-08-25 New incredible livepictures up from TraKKtor 10 year anniversary party @ Kolingsborg and from Vinterviken. Marsupium Massacre are waiting for livedates for this autumn.
The man on the picutre is 13KJJ Buy it as a t-shirt from the shop.
2011-07-21 BIG news: Good and BAD!! Good: Bastian Damascus (Linus Raudsepp) is in Sweden this summer and does an EXCLUSIVE guestpreformance on stage with Marsupium Massacre now on saturday. Bad: 13KJJ was abducted by aliens, and is not found yet. He will probably not be able to come on saturday. Marsupium Massacre will still do a massive industrial show will full on industrial powertools thingi.
2011-07-12 Marsupium Massacre will have a show on Coolingsborg july the 23th. Machines machines!! Klick hear for info.
2011-07-12 Marsupium Massacre is now rehearsing for a new evil show for the autumn 2011 with loads of hands on industrial machines and percussion show components. Every song will have an extra special show thingi.
2011-07-05 Facebook button added, Go klick it!!
2011-07-04 The new Marsupium Massacre web is up an working!!
2011-07-04 Marsupium Massacres newest member is 03JHD. She contributes with KingKong drums on metal and drums, theater and dancing. She is still afraid of big powertools, but that will be fixed.  She is a kickboxer too, so donīt mess with her!